Workshop integatronWe have a “Community ~ No Leader/Follower” approach in the areas of Personal Soul Growth and Transformation creating a safe space to facilitate different activities that can bring to the surface Inner Realizations.

We know when we see and FEEL our true nature, something special happens.  Whatever that something is, we can then support ourselves and others to take that forward in every day life and LIVE THE MAGIC that is sparked from our souls.  Living in Harmony and from a place of Peace and Self Love which aligns our Essence with All That Is and becomes the Flow and Divine Blueprint for our lives as we Grow Forward.


Sarah Wellborn

“Michelle’s heart guidance is complete in the way it can help navigate one who is in a place of transition in consciousness around areas of health, relationship, life’s purpose business and well being.  She is a teacher of understanding self, community and the greater whole in its highest form of open heart connection and unconditional (Radiant) Love.  She is a pure channel of love… Her expertise is way shower, supporter of soul’s fulfillment and its divine mission remembered.  Full Radiance Expressed…”