Sarah Welborn Bio

swSarah’s Passion is helping Humanity connect with their Purity and allowing the connection to their
Eternal Selves to outpour Divine Expression into every aspect of their lives for the Present success of the Souls Mission and the Planet!!

Sarah Welborn has facilitated group Journeys to England, Peru,and Mount Shasta CA. She is founder with her Beloved, Jacob Gonzalez of Shasta Spiritual Journeys in Mount Shasta and The Fairie Glen Retail Store in Tennessee.

Past speaking engagments and portal openings for Jorge Luis Delgado, Lee McCormick at Recovery Ranch, and activating and clearing for the opening of Namaste Foundation in London, England.


Sarah’s Story:

From a young age, I saw the world from an expanded perspective and had very mystical experiences.  As early as I can remember, I didn’t fit into the every day mold.  I was an outcast and a rebel standing up for myself and that created a strength within me to keep my center and a sense of self-love that didn’t come from the outside world.  Not allowing myself to collapse into a negative self-esteem created by the world as I saw it acting out of unconsciousness.

Coming from the south, family abuse was prevalent for most of my peers as natural way of life.  I found myself counseling other children that were the subject of abuse and also found myself counseling my counselors during my rebellious years.  I had visions at the age of 10 of Genetically Modified Foods and Chemtrails before it was popularized information.

I spent lots of time connecting deeply with nature on long walks and had the insights of how our world would find harmony as we reconnected back with the land and each other in natural harmony.  I saw gateways and entrances into what I call the “Pure Realm”.  This is land that has not been changed by human mis-creation.

Seeing things before they happen has been another part of how I’ve been exploring new avenues within myself and consciousness.  I have always been passionate about pioneering a new way of experiencing life from an expansive, unbound, liberated approach.  I have the ability to see to the root cause of internal disruptions and bring enlightenment to those areas that create an ongoing change for the further development of the soul’s highest expression.  I do this in very grounded ways, but I also have a desire for pioneering inter dimensional travel.  Which means everything resides within the self and can be explored without limitation.  I believe that our world is not a static three dimensional locked in reality, but shape shifts and is moveable and flexible from the Heart of Creation, which resides in each and every one of us.

Jacob GonzalesJacob Gonzales

I grew up in a diverse community in San Francisco, one of nine children. My

family moved back to Central America when I was ten years old, There I connected with my grandparents and their indigenous culture. My grandfather was a local healer, using traditional plants and his hands in transferring energy. My mother had this healing ability as she served her family and community. In this way, I discovered my own gift for being present in my heart and putting love behind everything I do.


I’ve had the honor to experience people from many walks of life and discovered a common thread that connects us all.  No matter what the differences are, we all have the ability to come together when we have an open heart in the here and now. I like to hold a space for people so they can be free with who they really are and be in their joy.


In 2008 I was fortunate to be picked as a core runner for the Peace and Dignity Journey. I ran from San Francisco to Mexico on through Central America ending in Panama. This was about the coming together of the southern and northern indigenous peoples, known as the Mayan prophecy, the reconnection of the Eagle and Condor.  Native Elders gathered from all over the continent to dream this journey into being.  We carried our staffs and prayers from town to town. With each step we put our blessing into the ground. What culminated was the mixing of medicines within me. The first time I attended a Native American ceremony. I heard singing and drumming. It awoke something within me that ignited my passion as a drummer and song keeper. I joined a Mexican traditional ceremonial dance group and attended a Native American College.


This is where I experienced many ceremonies.  On my journey I prayed to meet my beloved and soon after I met her, Sarah Welborn.


We met in ceremony in the mountains in Northern CA. The stars aligned and our love ignited around the sacred Mayan fire. Our passion is serving divine will through our divine union. The first blessing was the birth of our business Shasta Spiritual Journeys, in Mt. Shasta Ca. We facilitated sacred guided journeys, healing sessions, clearings, sound healing and lots of magic. We along with Michelle and Brian Anderson took groups to Peru and Bolivia as a part of A Circle of Radiant Love


I am offering Drum-Making, Medicine Boxes, Purification Ceremonies, Clearing Sessions, Heart- Awakening, Counseling and Sweat Lodge, vision quests in nature.



Sarah Wellborn

“Michelle’s heart guidance is complete in the way it can help navigate one who is in a place of transition in consciousness around areas of health, relationship, life’s purpose business and well being.  She is a teacher of understanding self, community and the greater whole in its highest form of open heart connection and unconditional (Radiant) Love.  She is a pure channel of love… Her expertise is way shower, supporter of soul’s fulfillment and its divine mission remembered.  Full Radiance Expressed…”