Michelle Anderson Bio

Michelle Anderson

Michelle’s heartfelt mission in life is to JOYfully empower all to connect with Source and embrace our highest expression of ourselves. She naturally sees the God Seed in all beings, and courageously chooses to love “Radiantly” (replaces unconditionally).

She is a prominent figure in the southern California spiritual community, with a passion to make everyone feel special and bring people together in a Spirit of Oneness.  She has been called many things, such as, Angel, Shaman, High Priestess, Oracle, etc… However, Michelle is not interested in labels,  She simply says, “I’m just a girl who loves all living things.”

Loving is her gift, which she shares in the role of mother, wife, community connector, inspirational guide, and interdisciplinary healer. She creates experiences for people to connect with the dolphins and whales, leads groups of people on journeys to sacred places, and holds space for people to joyfully connect with their true eternal essence through Skype Soul Sessions. She is an avid supporter of Indigenous communities and regularly supports events that bring people back to nature and peace with each other and mother earth.

As more people are awakening to their spiritual truth here on Earth, many are gathering to activate and integrate new frequencies together. Michelle loves facilitating the special connections by being a global radio talk show co-facilitator (for Awakening Code Radio) and by emceeing events, which in the past have included speakers such as Marianne Williamson, Steven Dinan, James O’Dea, Kathe Schaaf, Ocean Robbins, and Sharon McErlane. She is looking forward to future public speaking opportunities, and seeing how this beautiful co-creation of our New Earth blossoms.

“I believe we are manifesting our heart’s desires in every moment… We can connect with the golden currency of abundance that’s here for each of us to experience. We don’t have to live in a space of lack, because when we have Unity through Community, we have everything we need.”

Past Appearances:

• Lemurian Heart Temple Meditation Webinars On-Going since 2009
• MC The Green Valentine, Laguna Beach CA 2009, 2010, 2011
• MC The Sister Giant, Laguna Beach CA 2010
• MC Festival of Goddesses, Laguna Beach CA 2011, 2012
• MC Imagine Peace Conference, UC Berkley CA 2011
• Awakening Code Radio Co-Facilitator 2012-present
• MC Mother Earth Blessing Way Fundraiser 2013

Sacred Experiential Journeys:

Mt. Shasta Sacred Journeys, On-going from 2008
Peru Sacred Journeys: 2006, 2007, 2011, 2012
Integratron Sound Experience Sleep Overs, On-going from 2010
Dolphin & Whale “Live Your Bliss” Journeys, On-going from 2009


Brian Anderson

I know that answering the question posed with a “no” will mean that my heart will cease to beat at this time, on this plane of existence, on planet Earth sitting in an inipi, a sweat lodge, in Laguna Beach, CA at 2:30pm on March 10, 2012.  Somehow I know that I will physically die.  So, why isn’t it easy for me to just say “yes” and truly mean it?

The short answer and ultimate dilemma is that by saying yes I am acknowledging that the last 50 years of my existence must be left behind.  I was actually born at this exact time on March 10, 1962 and it seems that I have found my crossroads between two simple words: “yes” or “no”?

I was able to answer yes and mean it.  I am here and present and wish to serve source and all with what I have and can offer…a bit poetic, a bit philosophical, a bit artistic, a bit altruistic, a bit spiritual, a bit gourmet, a bit pragmatic but filled with love.  Love of life, of family, of friends made and yet to make, of community and the worlds we inhabit on this and all other planes of existence.

So, who is Brian Anderson? I am of source as WE are of source so WE are I and I are WE and hope to see wonder through each other’s hearts.

Brian is available for:
·      custom prayer feathers, fans and peyote gourd rattles
·      custom stained glass sun catchers and windows
·      personal consulting on the economics of enlightenment: the art and science of branding, marketing, generating and fulfilling demand in to today’s over-communicated global community…”turning your dreams into reality”


Sarah Wellborn

“Michelle’s heart guidance is complete in the way it can help navigate one who is in a place of transition in consciousness around areas of health, relationship, life’s purpose business and well being.  She is a teacher of understanding self, community and the greater whole in its highest form of open heart connection and unconditional (Radiant) Love.  She is a pure channel of love… Her expertise is way shower, supporter of soul’s fulfillment and its divine mission remembered.  Full Radiance Expressed…”