Cosmic Co-Creation Sound Bliss ~ Aug 11, 2015


Bathe in a vortex of Radiant Love while immersed in the frequency of cosmic connection as we dive deep into a Collaborative experience of Sound, Frequency and Spontaneous Magic.  Our unique sleepovers harness the power of Co-Creation, as each individual present brings their personal Soul Signature and we explore the infinite possibilities of co-creating with the cosmos.  Enjoy being bathed by the celestial tones of singing crystal bowls and feel the expansiveness of a full bodied Gong bath.

We start our adventure together by visiting and honoring “Giant Rock” and Crystal Hill during which we will have our Opening Sacred Ceremony and delve into the history of the area, next we will share a glorious potluck dinner with music and candlelight as we get to know our fellow Cosmic Co-Creators, we will spend time in both the downstairs and upstairs sections of the Integratron during our meditation and Sound Bath, as well as enjoy a night by the fire watching the Perseid Meteor Showers.  This event is a full bodied,  OFF THE CHARTS Extraordinary Sensory Experience not to be missed!  RSVP to reserve your spot by calling Michelle at: 949.973.0656.

If you are feeling the urgency to bring an abundant supply of crystal clear and clean water to California and other points on mother earth, please feel free to join with us at Giant Rock during our opening ceremony. We have several participants coming who are actively working around the world and engaging in earth and water healing grid activations and ceremonies. (Giant Rock portion of our event is absolutely free to anyone who wants to join with us). BAVADO “RAINBOW THUNDER HEART”, Eastern Shoshone Wisdom Keeper and Earth Healer, will be facilitating our Opening Ceremony at Giant Rock with an Earth Healing Crystal Grid, as well as JOSE FEDERICO MUNOZ, Crystal Skull and Mayan Day Keeper.

     3:30:  Arrival at Integratron
     4ish:  Depart in caravan to Giant Rock for Opening Ceremony
     6:30:  Set up sleeping bags for sleepover. (air mattresses can be placed upstairs/downstairs or outside under the stars)
    7:00:  Pot luck dinner… music, stories and meeting like minded new friends
    8:00:  Enter the Integratron for a night of Sound Healing and Magical Experiences
    11ish: Fireside Connections under the stars
   8:00:  Rise and SHINE 
   9:00:  Breakfast, yogurt, fruit and nuts, coffee and tea
  10/11: Departure and optional additional trip to Giant Rock for anyone who missed the Opening Ceremony there
  * Sleeping bag, air mattress, blankets, pillow
  * Flashlight
  * Water bottle (guests are encouraged to bring eco friendly plate, bowl, fork, spoon, knife)
  * Travel Coffee/Tea Mug
  * Toiletries
  * Hat
  * Sunscreen
  * Cash to pay at the door
               * Monday, June 1, 2015; After Contact in the Desert
               * Tuesday, August 11, 2015; Perseid Meteor shower




Sarah Wellborn

“Michelle’s heart guidance is complete in the way it can help navigate one who is in a place of transition in consciousness around areas of health, relationship, life’s purpose business and well being.  She is a teacher of understanding self, community and the greater whole in its highest form of open heart connection and unconditional (Radiant) Love.  She is a pure channel of love… Her expertise is way shower, supporter of soul’s fulfillment and its divine mission remembered.  Full Radiance Expressed…”