Angels & Atlantis ~ Sept 24-Oct 3, 2014

Acirle of Radiant Love Soul JourneyA Sacred Journey to Brittany France

Join bestselling author Kathleen McGowan and Michelle Anderson of A Circle Of Radiant Love for a magical journey to the sacred place that is believed by many to be the last known remnant of Atlantis on Earth. Further, the connection of this land with the Arch Angels is deep, mysterious and mostly unknown outside local sources. Kathleen was working intently on a book about these mysteries with her husband, Philip Coppens, prior to his illness and passing in 2012, and is carrying on his legacy and research in addition to her own.  She will introduce you to the legends of Saint Michael when he was believed to be the first King of Brittany, the Atlantean connections to Carnac, and the archangelic and secret Magdalene connections to the Mont St. Michel areas. In true Kathleen McGowan style, you will enjoy an utterly unique and first class experience throughout the trip featuring sumptuous Breton meals at Kathleen’s favorite places to dine as we discuss the days’ excursions and the mysteries that surround them.

This itinerary is a unique and once in a lifetime experience.
It is special and will not be repeated.

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Sarah Wellborn

“Michelle’s heart guidance is complete in the way it can help navigate one who is in a place of transition in consciousness around areas of health, relationship, life’s purpose business and well being.  She is a teacher of understanding self, community and the greater whole in its highest form of open heart connection and unconditional (Radiant) Love.  She is a pure channel of love… Her expertise is way shower, supporter of soul’s fulfillment and its divine mission remembered.  Full Radiance Expressed…”